Ingridients: leaves of rosebay willowherb (willow herb tea), raspberry.


🌿 Granular, fermented
🌿 Ivan-tea is collected in the vicinity of the Khibiny mountains, combines a wealth of taste and many great properties. It has grown just beyond the Arctic Circle contains most of the essential amino acids. Its taste is unique with as lightly perceptible fruity aroma and a slight sourness.
🌿 The plant contains: iron, titanium, nickel, copper, manganese, boron, molybdenum, potassium, calcium, sodium, lithium, as well as bioflavonoids, pectin, tannins.
🌿 Willow herb tea contains B-group vitamins and ascorbic acid.

🌸Gives strength, tonicizes.
🌸Heals headaches.
🌸Normalizes sleep.
🌸Light sedative effect on the body.
🌸Anti-inflammatory action.
🌸Removes radionuclides from the body.
🌸Increases hemoglobin levels.
🌸Contains B vitamins, vitamin C.
🌸Boosts immunity.
🌸Antipyretic action.
🌸Has a weak diuretic effect.

🌸Raspberry fruits have a diaphoretic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-zingotic, tonic and a slight diuretic effect.

The way of cooking: Pour 200ml of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of tea.

Ingridients: leaves of rosebay willowherb (willow herb tea), raspberry.


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