The company “Khibinsky Chai” was founded in 2016. The company’s birthday is considered the registration of LLC “Zhiva” – August 16, 2016.

The company was founded as a family production by the spouses Ulyana and Dmitry Marchenko.

We make the northernmost tea 🍃Хибинский Ivan-tea

The process of production of Ivan tea is a very painstaking and labor-intensive matter. In the foothills of the Khibinsky Mountains (Kirovsk), a lot of narrow-leaved boiling grows, however, the process of collecting it is more labor-intensive than in the flat area of ​the middle strip of Russia due to the fact that the northern plants are not so tall, and their leaves are not so large. About 200 kg of tea granules are obtained from a ton of boil leaf after processing.

The format of family production allows us to guarantee the quality of our product, because all raw materials pass through our hands.

We dry tea at temperatures no more than 55 degrees to keep everything most useful.
All the difficulties associated with the collection and production of Ivan tea are more than justified by the strength of its useful qualities. Our northern Ivan tea is distinguished by a lot of vitamins, because on a long summer, polar day, it absorbs the energy of an unsuitable sun.