About Khibiny Willow Herb Tea

Northern tea tradition
The main element of the tea harvest is willow herb tea, or scientifically, rosebay willowherb. It grows on mountain slopes. It is not a bright, short plant. Rosebay willowherb does not grow taller than human growth, as happens in Central Russia. Specifically, northern willow herb tea has extraordinary power.

Long daylight hours in summer (up to 24 hours) give unique properties to northern plants. The Khibiny mountains are rich in minerals. Mineral fertilizers, phosphates and apatites, famous all over the world, are mined here. And willow herb tea absorb all this wealth of minerals and microelements. New properties appear with a special treatment called fermentation. All the essential amino acids are in the brewed tea.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which is formed in the body when exposed to sunlight.

During the long polar winter, when you don’t get enough amount of sun, a tasty, hot drink comes to the rescue. This tea has accumulated solar energy in summer.

Regular consumption of willow herb tea contributes to the removal of toxins from the body, activation of the body’s recovery processes. Russian people have one saying: “If you don’t drink tea, where do you get the power from?” Some people add to this proverb “Then I drank tea, so the work will wait.” Yes, it happens. When you drink a tea for the first time, there may be a “falling asleep” effect. The organism full of toxins experiences great stress during the removal of slags. Organism requires rest, the nervous system is overloaded.

With regular use of willow herb tea, the organism is cleansed, diseases disappear, the body becomes strong. Each new cup of tea adds strength.